How To Put On a Show

31 03 2010

There’s more to putting on a show than just playing your instrument and remembering the songs, so here’s a few of our favorite clips that demonstrate how to do it right:

1) the Make-up

it’s a shame they broke up after other bands started biting their act [AHEM, hives, cough cough], because Ian Svenonius was one of the best frontmen of the 1990’s.  He’d spend half the show with the microphone lodged in his mouth and crawling up on the first few rows of the audience.

2) James Brown

The master at work.  I’ve got most of this show on a crappy Nth-generation bootleg (the audio is available on the “Love Power Peace” CD), but through all the static and distorted Technicolor,  you can still see the sweat and raw soul pouring out of Mr. Brown.  Watch how the band follows his every move, he’s cueing snare hits with the drop of his hand, the caterwauling screams cue the next section of the jam, and he just calls out whatever he’s feeling, and the band is right there with him.

3) Bad Brains

HR is just intensity personified, and if you can pull off this level of righteousness when you’re booked to play a Spring Break gig at Daytona Beach for a bunch of frat boys who’ve probably never heard of you, there ain’t much that’s going to stand in your way (except your own craziness, but that’s another story)

4) The Jesus Lizard

At the o:48 mark, David Yow gets pegged in the head with a beer bottle.  He immediately goes down and the band grinds to a halt.  You’d think that would be the end of the show, but Yow is up and drinking a beer in less than 2 minutes, the crew sweeps the glass off the stage, and away they go.  “Nice shot, dick”




3 responses

1 04 2010

I’m a little fan from Spain
I really love you!!
Can you publish some lyrics? Thanks!

9 04 2010

i guess it shows how out of touch i am, but apparently refused and international noise conspiracy were shamelessly aping the Make-up as well.

y’learn something new everyday, right?

5 05 2010
Jay S

Fantastic list! Have you had a chance to check out Ian Svenonius’ new band, Chain & the Gang? He’s still got that fantastic energy.

See you fine gentlemen in Philly on Saturday!


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