Sleeping is for Tomorrow: 11 Best Songs of Today

5 04 2010

Hi this is Billy, the guitar player from JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound. I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about my favorite new bands. If you don’t already know them, you’re wasting your time and its bullshit to waste your time, so you gotta pull it together and get into them.

photo by Clayton Hauck for The Chicago Reader /

I am easily the biggest music snob in the band and I collect records and I am still a kid about it all because I get so psyched when a band I like plays in town or I find some rare soul 45. Also I think black and white music is too often divided and I like to french girls that are cool with both. Ya dig?

So here’s who I like…

1 ) Dum Dum Girls – Jail La La

The full-length just came out on Tuesday and Dee Dee (who’s crazy hot) writes the most blissful lo-fi punk rock that matches up Phil Spector and The Velvet Underground – with a stoned Francoise Hardy singing the vocals. I just love this music so much. It’s inspiring and fun to sing along with. It’s like Wavvves “No Hope Kids” but maybe even better.

2 ) The Cool Kids (& Stalley) – We Can Do It Big

Hipster Hip-Hop was a phrase coined two years ago in Spin and now the Cool Kids have proved that they are just “solid” Hip Hop whatever the fashion. Chicago is Cool (as I preach) – and these boys make you feel what its like to feel cool and Chicago. And Stalley – WTF where did homeboy come from? Text me, let me know.

3 ) No Age – Cappo

Fuck you, I know it came out like 3 years ago but you wrote anything better? LA Noise is just Revisionist Grunge and I love it! Check out Pains of Being Pure at Heart too.

4 ) Alicia Keys – This Bed

So when I broke up with my girlfriend, Alicia Keys’ “Element of Freedom” was there for me. This is where she gets her most Prince-sounding and complete record out of here system. I think we got a real future together.

5 ) Japandroids – Wet Hair

“Hey man, before the 90’s come back lets beat all these other motherfuckers to the punch and break out the Big Muff pedal.”
“Cool – one catch – let’s not sing depressing shit. Lets be like as heart on our sleeves as like 14-year-old girls and let’s be like the happy Melvins.”
“Will Bill Bungeroth like us?”
“He’ll fucking love us.”

6 ) Neak – Make It

Chicago Hip-Hop. This song is about what it’s like to try to be working overtime while the world sleeps. We all doubt ourselves but Neak will prevail.

7 ) Santogold – Guns of Brooklyn

YouTube jam I listen to while I write lists. Much love for BKYLN. See you in May.

8 ) Rita J – No Regrets

Okay I loved Family Tree but this is the most accessible track she has ever done. I listen to it every day. It makes you wanna dance and shadow box at the same time. We get to play with her soon. I can’t wait!

9) BLK JKS – Molalatladi

There first 10” is still the best record of 2007 (a rarity worth finding). But it seemed like the debut EP was sort of muddy. But they look so cool and when I met them they were all so great I stuck around for their first LP. You can hear their African roots and the music is starting to match the image. Vampire Weekend are cool but Mpumi Mcata is one of the best, most original, guitar players to ever blend African guitar into rock. He makes me want to get better.

10 ) SunnO))) – Big Church

Oh it’s too loud and scary and satanic. How can you listen to this? My answer: when did you forget that rock’n’roll can be loud and scary and satanic, asshole!

11 ) Naomi Shelton – What Is This?

I love the Dap-Kings. Getting to meet them last year was a highlight but their very best record, of both playing and songwriting, is them backing up the amazing and wonderful gospel singer, Naomi Shelton. Check her out at Fat Cat when you are in NYC. She will make so happy. Gospel music moves mountains (even more than satanic rock). So there, I ended on a good note.

Honorable Mention: Janelle Monae – Tightrope. It’s a good song but the VIDEO is dope.




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