How To Put On a Show, Pt. 2

18 06 2010

It was a year ago that Clark Sabine, my very dear friend from Washington DC, passed away after battling cancer. I knew Clark as the frontman for Statehood (featuring the always awesome rhythm section of Eric Axelson and Joe Easley from the Dismemberment Plan), but about 10 years ago, when I had just moved to Chicago and wasn’t making it back to DC as often as I used to, Clark sang for the Motorcycle Wars, a garage/punk band known for outrageous performances. Clark always liked to put on a show (at one basement show, he hid up in the drop ceiling, all the way through the opening band’s set, and then came crashing down during MW’s opening number, landing on Ian MacKaye and then leaping up like Iggy Pop 2.0), so here’s some of the best moments I’ve found on the interweb.

this is an entire show, outdoors at a park in Northern Virginia. Shelby from Frodus is the wizard warning the crowd at the beginning, and then (around 5:05) Clark gets carried in on a royal litter, like he’s the emperor, stopping traffic and generally causing commotion. KABLAMMO, rock action happens.

Motor Cycle Wars – Clarendon Park – July 28, 2001 from James Askew on Vimeo.

Then there was a time that a gorilla attacked Clark in the middle of a show at the Black Cat.

There are more videos on YouTube, and the more I watch them, the more I miss Clark. RIP – BT




One response

20 06 2010

I didn’t realize you guys were friends with Clark. Good kid, and being in Motor Cycle Wars with him was definitely one of the funnest things ever.

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