Whip it good!

20 06 2010

Chris Neal here, saxophonist, keyboardist, and third man on the JCBUS relay team. I recently had the pleasure of performing just outside Sante Fe, NM at the Thirsty Ear Festival with some friends of mine. It was a fun, dusty, two steppin good time! Tumbleweed, girls in sun dresses and cowboy boots (my new favorite look!), Roque’s Carnitas, and some great people and music to boot!

Asleep at the Wheel
had an amazing set on Saturday afternoon. They F#%KIN’ killed it. Western Swing never sounded so good. Sooo… me and my boy Mikey Lightening were hanging out backstage after their set and start to notice a snapping, cracking sound. We mosey on over to the tour bus area and there is the fiddle player from Asleep at the Wheel and one of their crew hands crackin’ bullwhips! It was dope! They had all kinds of tricky wrist movements to get that perfect “CRACK!” “SNAP!” sound. Some cats throw frisbees, some cats throw the pigskin. Hell, some cats still hacky sack. If you’re kickin’ it in the southwest, you crack whips ya’ll. Gotta get me a whip! – CN




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