West Coast State of Mind

22 06 2010

MC Mr. Greenweedz has been out on the road with the Zumiez Couch Tour

I was in San Francisco on Grant and Bush. Right near Chinatown where I had a chance to chill with the Taylors, UTS bassist’s folks. They told me of Ben’s multiple attempts at making a band work over the year. I hope they didn’t think I was laughing at BT because all I could do was sympathize and empathize about being in failed bands.

I went to the Haight during my visit to hustle off a couple pieces of JCBUS vinyl, for which Black Pancake showed me some love. I’m blowing a J right in the store with them cats listening to some hip shit and skittishly looking over my shoulder waiting for someone to tell me to “put that shit out!”– was not the case, AT ALL! Frisco could never be tiring to me. I was in the nightlife… I have so many people there that hold me down and through the beauty of it all, I hold them down too.

Next up… dirt biking through the mountains of Lake Tahoe! Should be interesting!





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