The Sun Only Rises

17 07 2010

Wherever you go – there you are. And when you’re on tour the only fucking place that exists is the one you are at. So  the only thing that exists for the Uptown Sound right now is a town so far north we flew here in a prop plane lined with shag carpet and a Rolls Royce engine. This town populated exclusively by:

A) Beautiful environmentalist hipster girls and their off-on boyfriends.

B) Stray dogs.

C) People who are on the run from the law for liberal terrorism.

D) Abandoned buildings and Casinos from the Gold Rush (Yeah the fucking Gold Rush!).

E) Pick up trucks and cruisers from the late 80’s.

F) Mountains.

G) Daylight for 24 hours a day.

The only thing in the world  that exists is Dawson City, Yukon Territory. And we sincerely wish you were here.

Friday we arrive without sleep in what seems to be a sleepy little town so far North, the sun never has a chance to set before it rises again. We eat in breakfast in a church and realize that the whole festival, Dawson’s biggest tourist attraction, is being put on by a 25 year old whiz kid name Tim who is creating the Canadian hipster’s version of Woodstock. As much as I sincerely miss not going to Pitchfork this weekend (and seeing James Murphy) this place slays Pitchfork because the kids here don’t just dress like depression-era coal miners – They actually work in the fucking mines. The women are beautiful, they are full bodied, and they dance. They are so pretty you have to ignore it to keep on track. Cell phones don’t work here.  But there seems to be no loss of culture – covering the soot and cigarettes are the same old Wayfarer glasses and conversations from home. The topics range from Neil Young to Santigold. Much is spoken about the environment and how much better it could be. And up here. Without nighttime, and a head full of Yukon Gold – you could almost believe them.

We played at 11:30pm  on the main stage in a red and white circus tent and become instant celebrities in Dawson. We party with our new friends through the night (which never really comes) and then wake up to do an interview with a beautiful reporter from Whitehorse dressed in this sexy little-house-on-the-prairie getup and then play a jam with the local soul group who we immediately hit it off with. Tonight we play in the cool daylight at 1am for a crowd of 1500 minimum. And all we’re thinking is – Dawson City – Nothing else exists.  Again, to reiterate…

Wish you were here.





7 responses

20 07 2010
Robyn Touchie

You guys definitely made a huge impression on this town. Everyone loved you, and you all were so down to earth and so fantastic.

This note warmed my heart! such a great review on Dawson City.
Hope to see you back here soon.

Good luck with everything.


20 07 2010
John M

Wow…what a gift to be there, Billy. I’d say “Enjoy!”, but it already looks like you guys beat me to it.

20 07 2010

Man white nights!! Ain’t nuthin like em!! Sounds like the tine of your life..kepp havin those! Wish I was there!

21 07 2010
Ren J

I’m glad dawson treated you folks well, it’s a beautiful place. You guys rocked the tent pretty hard and I had a blast dancing! Sooo good!

24 07 2010

Thanks so much for being here with us guys. You rocked Dawson. Hope to see you up here again. (This winter JC?) (And check out the cool pic of Billy and Shakura on my site.) Cheers.

24 07 2010

thanks Michael, we had a blast. you took some great photos!

26 07 2010

Thanks for the postcard! Added a bit of soul-shine to my day!

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