Up There

27 07 2010

Hey everybody!!  Chris Neal here, sax/keys/vox man with JCBUS and Kevin Marks’ trainer for an upcoming MMA competition.  Just gotta chime in on the amazing experience we had up in Dawson City,Yukon territory, Canada for this music fest!!  I knew it was gonna be an adventure and it was confirmed when the 3rd plane up had propellers.  Propellers = adventure!

Absolutely overwhelmed by the hospitality of the entire town, fest organizers, and our burlesque dancing billet host Rachel.  One of the coolest ladies you’ll ever meet and makes the best damn espresso martinis ever.  They really hit the spot at 10 in the morning… and the Irish coffee chaser didn’t hurt either! Of course it was hard to get a read on morning, afternoon, and night when the sun is still blazing at 10:30pm and never got completely dark ever!  CA-RAZY!!

Absolutely gorgeous scenery everywhere.  Mountains surrounding you and the visual merging of the Yukon and Klondike rivers.  By the way, you can rent rafts with tents on top and take multi-day excursions up the river.  Eat your heart out Mark Twain!  Friendly people and friendly dogs roam the streets at all hours and the safest place you’ll ever go.  I mean, I was leaving my saxophone in an unlocked house with the doors wide open all weekend. Now that’s safe ya’ll!

The music and the musicians were dope.  Something for everybody, and everybody was into checking each other out.  So much creativity and love everywhere, I thought I was being hit by a Care Bear stare!!  From sitting by the banks of the Yukon listening to Good Lovelies singing beautiful three-part harmony (and telling banjo jokes!),

to Cooloolosh laying down some serious world, funky, hip-hop,

Fred Penner singing “The cat came back” AND “Fight for your right to party!”,

jammin’ with Soul Sunday, and Matana Roberts’ beautiful tone and lyricism,

I know now there is such a thing as utopia. Oh yeah, by the way, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound killed it ya’ll!! Everybody get yourself to Dawson City for the music fest next year, or any time.  One of the most amazing places you’ll ever go!




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9 08 2010

Thanks for the great show in Dawson – it was my first time up there, too, and I’m already itching to go back!

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