Mi esposa me ama, PERO…

1 10 2010

Hi folks! Chris Neal here, sax/vox/keyboard man for JCBUS and 1987 Junior Olympics fencing runner up, Buckeye region, ages 12-14. Listen, my wife loves me and she’s happy for the things I get to do, BUT, she’s totally jealous of my career! Seriously, it’s hard not to be jealous when you get to spend 10 days with your musical brothers traveling Spain!

Our first gig was in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands ya’ll! So many beautiful people ready to party at the show. They were feeling’ it ‘til the wee small hours of the morning.

But no sleep ‘til Vitoria in Basque country. Rocked ‘em again. They like it hard and heavy there and once again we did not disappoint! Santiago de Compostela! Dope town. Dope people and HOLY SH$T, totally ran into this guitar player I shared a bill with at Buddy Guy’s Legends last year! Santiago is his hometown and it was totally random he was at our show!! Adrian Costa, check him out!

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid! You don’t sleep there. You party all the time. The city is beautiful. The people are amazing and our show was great! TurboRock fest kicked off here and it was hardcore. The Muffs, Muck & the Mires, and The Soundtrack of Our Lives killed it!

Murcia, another hard rockin’ town was next. Then Valencia. I mean, we were in Valencia, on the Mediterranean, eating paella, drinking sangria. It was hard telling the wife that one! It was a great show with Mudhoney and Young Fresh Fellows headlining, and the Right Ons KILLED IT.

Our last show in Santander was a great one to end the tour with. The kids were ready to get busy and JCBUS gave it to them! Chicago, you should be proud because we were totally representing. To my wife, I love you, thanks for supporting me, and when we add more auxiliary percussion, you get the first call. Ciao!




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