Z’s Favorite Things

14 10 2010

Trombonist Andrew Zelm’s favorite things about the JCBUS Spain Tour:


JCBUS + TurboRock Fest!


  1. Cafe con leche. Worth every euro.
  2. Duff Beer for sale.
  3. The massive amount of fish, shrimp, scallops and other wonders of the sea.  Wish the Chi had that.

    Should have a top food list but let’s move on…
  4. The crowd in Santiago nailing the claps in “Baltimore is the New Brooklyn”.
  5. “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long To Stop Now” … killed it!!  JC even made a girl in Murcia cry.  Damn.
  6. This dude.
  7. Going to the discoteca and hearing “I Will Survive” turned into a Balkan dance tune.
  8. Checking out records at The Upbeat in Madrid, nice Reggae/SKA/Soul Collection!!!  Check it out…

    The Drastics and Deals Gone Bad in stock as well!!
  9. The Whirlister and all it’s punk rock glory.
  10. The piston.  It’s a new uptown dance move!!  Uptown Sound Instructional Dance DVD soon to be released staring the LDB horns.
  11. The Dinosaur in Valencia.
  12. The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Awesome, awesome band!

Thanks Spain for bringing all the excellent hospitality and amazing crowds!!!
Now Dance!!!! And shout!!

I’m out.




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