Doing it in Hi Style

28 10 2010

During the interminable van rides of the Eccentric Soul Revue tour of 2009, organ superstar Alex Hall played us rough tracks from an album he was working on with Chicago rockabilly kingpin Jimmy Sutton. They were producing and backing up a guitar-slinging cat from Oklahoma named JD McPherson and the tracks were BANANAS. Real gritty throwback rough & tumble roots rock & F’n roll. Dude has a VOICE like Little Richard, the tunes are hot, and the band is jumping.

Alex is our studio maestro (he recorded the new Addenda single and the upcoming “Want More” full-length, in addition to mixing the Get It Together and Baltimore singles), he knows how they did it back in the day, and he knows how to get THE SOUND now. After a year of pestering him about when that crazy rockabilly record was coming out, we noticed the Reader ad for JD’s record release show at Fitzergerald’s… and it’s the same day as our Hideout release show. Grrrrrr.

JD is topping a heavy heavy bill with the Del Moroccos and the Modern Sounds (both groups that Alex plays drums for, and evidence of why he’s so hard to schedule time with). We’ll have to miss it, but check the crazy video for “North Side Gal” up top, starring Alex and Jimmy, shot in beautiful HiDef video at Jimmy’s Hi Style studio.

check JD out over at Hi Style, he’s the real deal.

and dig Jimmy’s little tour of the studio, where we’ve been recording:




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31 08 2011
This Only Happens Once « Get It Together with JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound

[…] Workers from Galicia. On this video alone, we know it’s going to be a good night. Too bad JD McPherson can’t come with us, that would be an insane triple […]

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