Getting Over It: Easier Said Than Done

3 12 2010

After Twitter alerted us to Dallas Maverick blogger Rob Mahoney’s absolutely bonkers Lebron James video using our version of “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” leading-up to LeGone’s return to Cleveland with the Miami Heat to play against the Cavs, we were ready for the game, Mr. Greenweedz gives the rundown…

I sat around for the hype! Preparing, waiting, and rooting for Cleveland, with no dog in this race either way, but we all root for the underdog.  Lebron is a villain.  Not because he left Cleveland but how he left Cleveland: not classy, Lebron, not classy at all.  That said, who am I kidding?  Cleveland just isn’t that good and my heart wouldn’t let me know that they might get stomped by basketball’s “evil empire”, the Miami Heat. As I listened to Reggie Miller’s commentary last night, he said one thing that stuck with me: Get over it!

The city is like a jilted lover with misdirected anger, and frankly uneducated anger at that.  One chant was “Scottie Pippen” and though I know what they meant by it (inferring that Lebron is D Wade’s sidekick), quite honestly, Lebron needs to win a ring, let alone six of them, to even shine Scottie’s shoes.  The commentary had me keyed in way more than the game itself and I came away with even less respect for the Cavaliers: shaking Lebron’s hand, kissing him, and joking with him.  Where’s your pride?  Serve him.

Now the reality sets in.  What will Cleveland do?  They have to move on and I believe it will be through draft picks.  Cleveland, believe me, I know what you’re going through, the Bulls lost their knight twelve years ago and just found a superstar in D Rose.  Only difference is we got 6 rings out of it.  So it kinda softens the blow.

JC Brooks @ Wilbert’s debacle aside, I like Cleveland and I got plenty of friends from there.  And I think they should get over it!  That’s easy to say.  But as I say it, it’s more tongue in cheek because it took me until 2005 to get over Jordan.  Hell, I wish he was playing now.

bye the bye, these Hitler videos never get old




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3 12 2010
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