Soul Springs Eternal

18 03 2011

Now that spring seems to finally be upon us here in the Windy City, JC thought it was a good time to look back on last year’s Uptown Spring Tour 2010, when we hit Vassar, Winooski, Boston, Brooklyn, and Philly. It was a beautiful time to visit the Green Mountain State, and we had an amazing evening just outside Burlington, VT, rocking at the Monkeyhouse in Winooski and enjoying a backyard BBQ, where there was an axe-throwing target set-up. Yup, that’s just how we roll.

New England was such a dream, all rolling hills and greenery, that we set our sights for Boston, where we got tight with our new friends at Q Division Studios in Somerville.

before we got on the road to NYC (and found out that Wilco had posted our video to their Facebook page), we had a mellow morning at Scott Cragg’s Old Colony Studios in South Boston

Then we had a very welcome return to Philadelphia, where our man Andrew Miller put together an amazing show at the North Star

can’t wait for June, when we jump in the van and do it all over again!




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