Summit at the Six Corners

20 03 2011

poster by Scott Williams

After weeks of careful preparation and relentless hype from all parties involved, the Soul Summit night at the Double Door featuring JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound + Soul Summit DJ’s Dave Mata, Sloppy White, and Duke Grip went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful night, one of the first nice spring weekends we’ve had, people were ready to get down and JC was ready to give it to them.

that’s the amazing Alex Beltran blowing his head off on the sax break

we’ve recently brought “Hold You Back” back into the set and it feels so good

photo by Keith Burzinski

these videos were shot by Eric the monitor engineer, from right at stage right (you figure guys running sound in big rock clubs must see a gazillion bands a year, so it’s always nice when they seem to genuinely dig what we’re doing, cause they have every right in the world to give less than 2 shits)

major thanks to Jesse Ewan at the Double Door for running FOH sound and an over-all tight ship, and good vibes go out to Renaldo Domino, who took a bit of a spill and wasn’t able to rock with us. Get well soon Renaldo!

photo by ROPER




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