Drinking Doubles and Making Singles

6 06 2011

photo by Roper

Well, in case you hadn’t heard from all the trusted local sources, we’re pleased and proud to announce that the band has signed with Bloodshot Records.  Twas a very Chicago thing to do, here’s what Nan & Rob had to say:

Bloodshot Records is pleased to announce the signing of Chicago post-punk soul outfit JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound. The band brings to the label the kind of energy and creativity that we love so dearly: live performances that can blow your mind just as easily as they can force you to move your feet; and a proclivity to write some of the tightest, most moving jams this side of Motown. We’ve been following the local group for the past few years now, as they’ve built an audience of supporters like MOJO Magazine (calling them “one of the hottest U.S. soul acts”), new Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel (for whom they performed at his recent Inaugural Concert), and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.

here we are drinking champagne and living the jet set high life.  And yes, BT is holding a big bag with a dollar sign on it, because that’s how Bloodshot rolls. They were trying to slip us an over-sized novelty check, but those are such a bitch to slide under the glass at the Money Exchange.

The new record is done, stay tuned for release details.




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