Summer Tour pt. 1: Solid Sound Festival, pt. 1

7 07 2011

no doubts about who's festival this was

The Uptown Sound Summer Tour 2001 kicked off with a bang, albeit a wet bang. North Adams, MA got hit with a lot of rain that left the crowds kinda drenched on Friday night during Wilco‘s headlining set. It was more of the same on Saturday, but we weren’t gonna let that get us down.
Well, maybe Kev was going to let it get him down for a minute

Kev no like a da rain

but apart from the little snag with the weather (which cleared up just in time for our performance on Sunday afternoon), it was an amazing location for a festival. Mass MOCA is located on the grounds of an old textile mill and the festival made full use of the space, featuring several different stages, and in a nice bit of mellow planning, none of the performances overlapped, so really catch everything, and in the meantime there was all these cool space to explore.


A river runs through it
We played in the same courtyard stage that Thurston Moore played on Saturday afternoon, and Thurston and Nels Cline tore up with their Pillow Wand duo afterwards.

Thurston + Nels = Pillow Wand
There was plenty to do, eat, and look at while we got ready for the big show….

We’ll say it now, and we’ll say it a few more times later: thanks to Wilco, Tony Margherita Management, Higher Ground, and Mass MOCA for inviting us to play and making the whole thing happen.




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