Summer Tour pt. 1: Solid Sound Festival, pt. 2

8 07 2011

we're getting ready to rumble with the Archies; photo by Jennifer Salas

So after a rain-soaked Saturday night and winding drive to our motel in Bennington, VT, we returned to Mass MOCA for our Sunday afternoon set and brought the sunshine with us. Joined by super keyboardist Andy Rosenstein and the special Solid Sound horn line-up of Andrew Zelm on trombone, Ethan Bulak on trumpet, and Corbin Andrick on tenor sax, we kicked things off as normal

We hoped that Jeff Tweedy would show up, since he did such an awesome job sitting in back in January, but we figured he might be busy being Wilco ambassador for the festival. But he did indeed make it, and actually caught JC by surprise, but J recovered nicely.

it was a definitely highlight of a weekend full of bright moments. Thanks Jeff and to all the folks who were shooting pics and video from the crowd.

After we played and signed some autographs at the Euclid Records pop-up stores. we got to meet some more of our heroes…

Thanks again to Wilco, Tony Margherita Management, and Mass MOCA!




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