Heard It On the (KDH)X

14 07 2011

It’s really incredible when you can look back on one moment in your life when someone gave you a particular piece of advice that then caused your life to go in a new and better direction.  That’s sort of how we look back on Roo from the Gramaphone telling us to get in touch with KDHX the first time we were coming down to play St Louis.  As we talked about earlier, we had a few false starts in the Lou, but thanks to KDHX’s love and support, we’ve been able to play there 6 times in the last 18 months and build up a amazing group of friends and fans.  Hell, we played the Firebird last Saturday and part of the gig was ALL YOU CAN EAT GOURMET ICE CREAM.  WTF?  what’s next, keys to the Fireworks, Candy, and Puppy dog store?

So in addition to playing the 5th Annual Indie Rock Ice Cream Social, we stopped by KDHX’s Euclid Street studios to lay down some songs and chat with Roy Kasten.

Roy Kasten & the Uptown Sound

We were thrilled to meet fellow Chicagoans Sarah & the Tall Boys, who were doing the session right before us, and then borrow their sublime pedal steel ace, Gabriel Stutz, to add some shimmery flare to “Missing Things”. We went from twang to skank to Beat, and KDHX was cool with it because that’s just how they roll. Thanks guys!




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