Day by Day: #brazilmonday

23 08 2011

In the dog days of summer, when there wasn’t much going on, I started doing Facebook posts like crazy, picking a daily music theme and trying to post something new (mostly YouTube videos) every hour through the day. We’ll call it Day by Day (until I figure out something better) and here’s the first day, August 15, 2011 – BT

1. Gil & Caetano – Cada macaco no seu galho – Tropicália 2 – São Paulo – 1993

This came on my iPod on my way to work and I immediately wanted to share it, and then it turned into a day-long Brazilian freak-out. My good friend, and noted Bay Area composer/bass clarinet genius, Aaron Novik, turned me on to some early Gilberto Gil album’s when I was out in SF for Thanksgiving a few years ago: Louvação, 1969, and Expresso 2222, which this song originally appeared on. There was no video for the original, but instead I found a live duet between Gil and Caetano Veloso, which is even cooler.

2. Garotas Suecas – Tudo Bem

I somehow stumbled onto Garotas Suecas via MySpace back when anyone gave a shit about MySpace. We traded some mangled babelfish-translated messages, and I missed their first show at the Empty Bottle. But we kept in touch via Twitter, and when they made their 2nd Chicago appearance at Schuba’s in 2010, I dragged Andy along (and got him to lend them a guitar amp) and we were pretty knocked out. They’re from São Paulo, they’re super young, they write super catchy tunes, and they’ve got a crazy funk groove. They were nice folks and I really hope we can play some shows with them someday.

3. Airto Moreira – Xibaba

I originally knew this tune from Santana’s “Lotus” triple-live album (when Carlos was really moving into Bitches Brew-inspired fusion territory), and Donald Byrd did a nice spacey version on “Electric Bird” that befitted the song’s title subject. And now thanks to YouTube making it so freaking easy to find any song you’re ever looking for, here’s Airto‘s original version, in all it’s Brazilian glory.

4. Jorge Ben – Taj Mahal

More people probably know “Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma)” off Jorge Ben Jor‘s great “Africa Brasil” album, but I wanted to dig a little deeper, which ended up being one of my guide lines for this posting frenzy, root out the deep cuts.

5. Águas de Março – Elis Regina and Tom Jobim – Aguas de Marco – Waters of March

This is one my top 10 Desert Island cuts ever, the part where Elis starts laughing while she’s singing, yet keeps on going, it sounds like she’s having so much fun. It’s a beautiful song that I originally discovered on 1973’s Jobim album where he sang it in Portuguese to start the album and then in English to close it, and I was completely transfixed by the melody and the words and imagery.

6. Gilberto Gil – “Back in Bahia” (1972)

Just one of many great black & white clips of Brazilian artists on YouTube that I imagine must’ve been live TV specials. Like this one of Os Mutantes:

7. Stan Getz – Soudade Vem Correndo

I almost fell out of my chair the first time I heard this album, because I was so familiar with the Pharcyde’s “Runnin'” (produced by J Dilla), which snagged it’s main sample from this song (at 2:04 for example)




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