Day by Day: #bombsquadtuesday

2 09 2011

August 16, 2011

While most people know the Bomb Squad as the production team behind Public Enemy’s, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Fear of a Black Planet, Hank & Keith Shocklee, Carl Ryder, and Eric “Vietnam” Sadler were responsible for some other great records during the Golden Age of Hip Hop

1. LL Cool J – It Gets No Rougher

2. Son of Bazerk – Are You Wid Me (1991)
SOB was a really dope group that was more old school soul influenced, with tons of upfront Motown samples, and some great MC’s on the mic. this was my original choice to post, but embedding has been disabled (boooooooo), so instead check out the single “Change the Style”

I’d highly recommend picking up their album “Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk”.

3. Public Enemy – She Watch Channel Zero

This is Exhibit A for how a militant black hip-hop group was able to crossover with white suburban metalheads when I was growing up. It’s just so AGGRO with a capital A. The guitar sample from Slayer’s Angel of Death doesn’t hurt.

4. Leaders Of The New School – Sobb Story

The only sob story here is Busta’s outfit.

5. Ice Cube – Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside)

6. Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work It Out (INSTRUMENTAL)

Before YouTube came along and put everything out there for everyone to find, Public Enemy instrumental tracks were pretty hard to come by. I was home for the holidays once, driving around DC after a gig and a college station was spinning PE instro tracks and it was like a gift from heaven.




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6 12 2011
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