Airplane Movies (better than Airplane Food?)

18 10 2011

After having the dubious pleasure of sitting through two Johnny Depp movies on the way home from Brussels today (I love the guy, but seriously Johnny, “The Tourist”?), I had to laugh at Andy‘s recollections of the band’s entertainment options on the way home from London last week – BT

Movies I saw on-demand / misc. entertainment on the plane home from London:

Control (the Ian Curtis / Joy Division movie) – who’da thunk a b&w artsy movie would be available on an int’l flight? Not this guy. (B+)

Transformers: Dark of Th… – That’s about how much of this brain-melting nonsense I could stomach. (D-)

[Complimentary Johnny Walker Red interlude]

X-Men: First Class – Oh, guys. By the way… Magneto started off his supervillain career as an avenging-jew nazi-hunting super-secret-agent-man-of-mystery. Also, Kevin Bacon wears a sweet cravat/neckerchief/ascot and has an all-white submarine and a small army of fem-bots and satanic henchmen. Apparently there were also X-men in this film. (A+)

[More complimentary Johnny Red]

Super 8 – Looks charming enough, and I’m sure I’ll finish it at some point, but why bother watching a movie that isn’t X-Men First Class?? (B, pending further viewing)

Moby Dick (on my Kindle) – After all the whiskey, I think I probably only read 10 pages, and I’ll probably have to read them again. (F-)





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18 10 2011
Mike Kelley

Herman Melville’s ghost is PISSED!!!

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