The Road to Hell Dorado is Paved with Good Food

27 10 2011

For our 2011 tour of Spain, we hit a lot of new cities (Zaragoza, Barcelona, Durango) and new clubs in places we played last year (El Sol in Madrid, Sala Loco in Valencia), but were very fortunate to return to Hell Dorado in Vitoria-Gasteiz, where we had one of the hottest shows of the 2010 “Want Moor What” tour. It’s a good loud rock club and the people of the Basque country really make us feel at home.

Billy catches up on the news in Basque country

We played Bilbao the night before, and since there were no available hotels, we drove straight to Vitoria-Gasteiz and checked in for two nights. Gave us some time to check out Discotheque COOL, but I’ll leave that for someone else to cover in their blog. Andy and I grabbed a hearty breakfast the next day

Breakfast in Vitoria-Gasteiz

We wandered the streets all afternoon before settling in for some of the best tapas ever, presented like top-shelf sushi, right on one of the main squares in town

Tapas as art in Vitoria-Gasteiz, pt 1

tapas as art in Vitoria-Gasteiz, pt 2

After soundcheck and a portrait session, Juan the owner took us out for another amazing meal.  He’s a real class act and used to play bass for a band called the All Nighters.  He’s really built up an amazing club and Hell Dorado has a wild mural that goes along one whole side of the club, working in tons of our favorite bands and movie characters:

that’s right: Maggot Brain, Joey Ramone, Iggy & the Stooges, Bat Girl, and motherfucking GRANDIZER. I wish I had this thing in my house.

Had the pleasure of playing with a great local band called the Dealers:

and then got to rock out with one of the best shows of the tour. We’ve got a good chunk of footage, we just need to get around to editing it together. That will have to wait a little while, but we’ll get it up here sooner or later.  – BT




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30 10 2011
30 10 2011
30 10 2011
Al Sampedro

Thank you so much!, it was a pretty damn good party at Helldorado. We didn’t have any video footage of our gig there!, hope, to see you again for the next year!!

then again, tanx!!

Al Sampedro, The Dealers

30 10 2011
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