Rocky Mountain Shakedown

1 11 2011

“Rocky Mountain Shakedown” is actually the title of my favorite P-Funk bootleg (Denver, 1976), but I went with it since variations on “Rocky Mountain High” are a little played out.

After a fun Freakfest show in Madison, we drove for two days to get to Denver for our first show out west. Driving across Nebraska was smooth sailing

and the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver reminded us a lot of SPACE in Evanston, a well laid-out listening room with great sound and a fantastic restaurant attached. It was the first time we’ve played a Monday night on the road, and it was the first time in a new town, but the people definitely came out and supported, so that was nice. Big ups to our PR people at Bloodshot for working so hard to get the word out, and shout out to Petals of Spain for playing a great opening set.

And now we’ve got two days off before we have to be in Vegas for our 3 night stand at the Book & Stage @ the Cosmopolitan Hotel, so we’re driving up to Boulder to hang out and see what’s good. The weather is cooperating, and we’re now deep into the land of microbrews and Rocky Mountain medication.

Thanks to our old friend (and former trumpeter) Kevin Tague and his lady Anne for putting us up! One of Kevin’s last gigs with us (before he headed west for Denver University) was Do Division 2009 when we debuted our version of “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart”:

– BT, photos by Kev





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