Day by Day: #JBwednesday

6 12 2011

Back in August, when we actually had time to dick around on YouTube, before tour craziness started, I started posting videos revolving around a daily theme (like The Bomb Squad), and now we’ve got a little time to look back on some sweet jams – BT

August 24, 2011 – All JB, All the Time

1. Marva Whitney – What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You

Marva Whitney is my favorite of the JB’s funky divas, her voice is so freaking raw.  Friends of mine used to cover this tune back in college, and the relentless propulsion of the bass line (played by Sweet Charles Sherrell) definitely inspired “Baaadnews”.

2. JAMES BROWN Talking Loud & Saying Nothing (original rock version)

James Brown’s Funky People vol. ONE & TWO are amazing compilations of classic funk cuts produced by JB that let the sidemen like Bobby Byrd, Maceo Parker, Vicki Anderson, and Fred Wesley take the spotlight. They were released at the height of JB sampling mania during the Golden Age of Hip Hop, so people were pleasantly surprised when Vol. THREE dropped 15 years later. And it’s not just some bottom-of-the-barrel scraping bullshit either, as this “Alternate Rock Version” of Talkin’ Loud proves. Back in the late ’90’s, Harvard University’s WHRB spun an all-day Orgy of the complete People Records discography, and I was able to tape about 6 hours worth off the air, but definitely didn’t have this one.

3. Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul

The guy yelling “Get on up!” during “Sex Machine”? that’s Bobby freakin’ Byrd. The Famous Flames were actually his group and he did James a favor by letting him join. Damn.

4. James Brown ~ Olympia, Paris 1971

JB w/ Bobby Byrd, Fred Wesley, and a teenage Bootsy Collins on bass & afro. Holy shit, this is the holy grail of live funk. The show came out on CD as “Love Power Peace” in 1992, and I’ve had a bootleg DVD for years, but someone must have the pristine footage out there somewhere.

5. Michael Jackson, Prince & James Brown

Pretty much the most jaw dropping video on YouTube, I try to share it with as many people as possible. It’s the James Brown show, and he invites Michael Jackson up on stage (right at the beginning of the Thriller era). MJ then whispers in JB’s ear that Prince is in the house. Calamity ensues. Amazing how filthy Prince can be without actually saying anything. And then make a stellar exit from the stage.

6. The JB’s-The Grunt

@johnclavis said: This track must annoy musicians — they’d say something like, “Hey, guys, let’s record the funkiest track EVER!”, and their bandmates would reply, “What about the J.B.’s “Grunt”?” And they’d be like, “Oh, yeah, forgot about that. Guess we’ll have to do something else…”

This is an instramental version of the Isley Brothers “Keep On Doin” from their 1970 album “Get Into Something”. James remixed it a bit and put extra STANK on it.

followup to last week’s #bombsquadtuesday, “Night of the Living Baseheads”

7. Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants (I’m Coming, I’m Coming)

following up #madchestermonday, the Stone Roses used this break at least twice

8. JAMES BROWN Hollywood Palace 1968




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