Day by Day: #afrobeattuesday

21 12 2011

August 23, 2011

1. Geraldo Pino & the Heartbeats – Let Them Talk

I got turned on to this tune when I was playing with Mas Trueno, it became a live staple for them after I left the band. Everything I know about Geraldo, I learned from Funky 16 Corners.

2. Fela in performance (1971)

rare early footage shot by Ginger Baker (!?!!). I first started hearing about Fela Kuti long before the early 00’s afro-beat boom that brought us Antibalas and the Budos Band, he was like this mythical musical legend, but every record store I went to never had any discs in stock. There was always a section card for him, with an empty bin. But once the labels starting re-issuing his classic 70’s records, there was no shortage of this intoxicating Afro Funk, all drums and horns and endless repetition.

3. Tony Allen Unlimited Project – Let the Drums Play

Tony Allen makes it look easy. He was Fela’s drummer and the only one in the band who got to write his own parts.

4. Segun Bucknor & His Revolution – La la la

NOMO covered this jam on their first album (wish I could find a link for it or Ypsilanti Records), with the amazing Jamie Register singing lead. It’s an unstoppable groove with a stupid simple bass line. Don’t know much about Segun Bucknor, but was happy to get his album from Vampisoul the last time we were in Madrid.

5. Ebo Taylor – Heaven

Ebo Taylor proves there’s more to #afrobeattuesday than Fela

6. Ginger Baker jams with Afro-Rock artistes

Ginger Baker had some heavy friends in the early 70’s (and some killer grass from the looks of it), after he split Cream and opened a recording studio in Nigeria. sick organ solo!

7. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – Live in Dakar

Seun Kuti (son of Fela), Tony Allen, and Manu Dibango for the WIN




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22 12 2011

Great day with all this music! Love afrobeat!

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