27 01 2012

We just got home from two weeks on the road with JJ Grey & Mofro, covering a nice chunk of the Midwest into Appalachia.  We’re now home for 6 whole weeks, the longest I’ve been home since early September.  Since Labor Day, we’ve played 55 shows in 4 countries and 21 states.

Five months ago, I had a full-time job at Playboy Magazine and a very pregnant sister-in-law.  Now I’ve got a song on WXRT and a nephew.  And this mustache.

Highlights of the “Want More” tour thus far…

  • Seeing old friends in new towns.  I’m probably the best one in the band at keeping in touch with people, and Facebook has only made it easier to do.  You knew some awesome people back in the day, maybe you don’t have as much in common anymore, but it’s good to know where they’re at, and then BOOM, you bring the traveling circus to their town, have some drinks, sleep on their floor, share a bleery-eyed hug in the morning and make plans for next time.
  • Meeting my first nephew.

    It just happened to work out that the band rolled through San Francisco about a week after Owen James Taylor was born.  He’s my parents’ first grandchild, so everyone’s pretty excited, and my mom was there to help out.  And my super awesome sister-in-law actually had a sub-let apartment in their building for the band to stay in, and found a parking garage a block away that could accommodate our van.  Score.
  • Touring Spain and Italy, was amazing, as we’ve discussed in previous blogs.  But after the guys flew home, I met up with my incredibly cool and supportive wife in Belgium, and we took a week to travel to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, and Brussels.  It was her idea to check out the Red Light District, my idea to rent bikes in Antwerp and drink De Konick beer any chance we had.
  • Headlining the Black Cat.  You can see what sort of calamity happened the last time we hit DC, playing the Black Cat Backstage with Poor But Sexy last summer:

    But we got to wrap up 2011 touring playing the big room upstairs.  Means a lot to me as a hometown boy.
  • Touring the Pacific Northwest.  Driving I-84 from Boise to Portland is one of the most scenic parts of the US that I’ve seen.  And the Triple Door in Seattle was one of the best indoor venues we’ve ever played.  The seated audience made it a little weird, but JC compensated for the lack of dancing by turning up the Vegas banter schtick. We’ll figure out what to do with that live recording soon.  Didn’t hurt that we had Craig Montgomery (former live sound engineer for Nirvana) running the board.
  • Eating a late night kebab on a Roman bridge in Zaragoza, Spain.

It may be Chicago in January, but I’m still glad to be home – BT




One response

28 01 2012

Love your new album. Please come and play in Columbia, Mo. nice stache

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