Day by Day: #rocksteadywednesday

31 01 2012

Day by Day – an on-going look back at when BT had time at his day job to select and post his favorite thematically-linked YouTube videos. August 17, 2011 was Rocksteady Wednesday.

1. The Marvels – Rock Steady

Pretty perfect idea to cover Aretha’s “Rock Steady” in a rocksteady style, but it made it pretty tough to Google. I saw DJ Logic drop this in a set opening for MMW in Boston and it took me years to find out who the artist was. Now all we need is a reggae version of “Boogie On Reggae Woman”.

2. Eric Donaldson – Blue Boot

I knew this tune as a toasting cut by U Roy called “Festival Wise”. As much as I loved the toasting, I really wanted the vocal cut underneath, but it took a few years to find it. In fact, the first time we met the Green Room Rockers, I started picking Mark’s brain to see if he knew it.

3. Hemsley Morris – Stay Loose Mama

Got this jam on a Clancy Eccles comp when HMV was liquidating their last remaining vinyl inventory, it’s a pretty dope comp of nice grooving tunes.

4. Run JettyPressure Cooker

Unfortunately no Youtube video, but this Pressure Cooker cut is DOPE. Had the pleasure of seeing them in Boston years ago, and this is the opening track from their self-titled album. Love the drumming and Craig Fujita’s lead vocals.

5. Dave & Ansel Collins – Elfrego Bacca

goofiest cut on the classic “Double Barrel” record, but I love it

6. The First Cut Is the Deepest – Norma Fraser
Can’t embed the video, but this is one of many great covers on Soul Jazz’s Studio One Soul comp. And Wikipedia just set me straight on how a Cat Stevens tune ended up on a collection of soul tunes covered by reggae artists: PP Arnold’s soul version of “First Cut” was the hit single (with Keith Emerson on keys?!?), not Cat’s album version. Learn something new every day.

7. Green Room Rockers – Conqueror

We were very fortunate to meet these guys at a 2008 Election Day show at DePaul University and have since shared the stage with them several times, including our two-night stand at Schuba’s for New Years 2011-21. Not only are they nice guys, they put out a damn fine self-titled album in 2010, from which “Conqueror” is one of many highlights.




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