Who Will Buy These Memories?

25 02 2012

Times being what they are, and since we’re not home alot, BT is making the tough move of thinning the herd a little and putting a few of his beloved Fender basses up for sale.  Rather than deal with the anonymity (and hassle) of Ebay, we’re checking to see if any there are any players here interested in bringing a little piece of Uptown home with them.

Fender Precision Bass [SOLD]

a beautiful ’62 reissue, Made in Japan in 1990 (the factory date of 12/12/90 is handwritten at the base of the neck).  Sunburst finish with rosewood fingerboard and tortoiseshell pickguard, this is perfect for Motown-style thumping (comes with the vintage-style pickup and bridge covers, and strung with flatwound strings, just like James Jamerson) or can be set up for just about any style of music imaginable, since the Fender P-bass is the industry standard (almost everybody but Chris Squire and Paul McCartney have played one at one time or another).  BT bought this in 2008, and it’s since been refretted and had a Lindy Fralin pickup installed.  Heard on “Baltimore Is the New Brooklyn” and several songs from “Want More”.  SOLD

Fender Mustang Bass [SOLD]

A reissue of the classic short-scale hotrod, this speedy little number was Crafted in Japan in 2006-2008.  Fiesta Red finish with rosewood fingerboard and white pickguard.  Perfect for smaller hands or anyone looking for a gnarlier tone.  Greats like Holger Czukay (CAN), Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads), and Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) are just a few who’ve brandished a Mustang bass. After playing Andy’s white Mustang (which looks like the baby brother of his main Jazz bass), BT bought this spicy number in 2011, figuring it would be easier to tour with (lighter, takes up less room, less need to warm up) and promptly took it all over Europe and the States. SOLD




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