4 03 2012

I love Austin, and I hate crowds.  So I’m feeling a little torn about the upcoming shit-show that will be South by South West 2012, AKA Music Biz Spring Break.  I feel like every where I look and go, it’ll be what my dad always referred to as “feeding time at the zoo“.  On the bright side, we’ve got a bunch of day parties and showcases to play.  We put off going for the first 5 years of the band since we didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle.  But since things have really been on the up and up, I think we’re in a good place to do this.  And we’re very fortunate that our benign label overlords at Bloodshot took care of getting us into the fest and finding us a hotel.  They did their part, now we have to do ours: kick ass when we’re on stage (9 shows and counting), and make friends when we’re off.  If that all goes smoothly (cross fingers, word on the street is that there’s no shortage of free booze), we can kick things up a notch and keep touring, recording, living the dream, etc.

I’ve got old friends in Austin, my wife & I went there on our honeymoon, I love swimming at Barton Springs, Shiner Bock is my beer of choice, I love migas tacos for breakfast, we’re escaping Chicago winter’s end-game, and after Austin, we head to Vegas for a week at the Cosmopolitan.  How can anything possibly go wrong?  – BT

BT @ Barton Springs, ATX, September 2009




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5 03 2012

Famous last words. 😉

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