Wash (occasionally), Rinse, Repeat

10 03 2012

Second day out. The road to St. Louis. Feeling good, comfortable.

One nice thing about tour clothes is that I know what I’m going to wear: more or less the same thing I wore yesterday.  I have 5 or 6 identical white t-shirts with me, about as many pairs of dress socks and skivvies.  Brown grandpa slacks.  Red sneakers.  And I’ve got a new blue button-down shirt, which has already been designated for daily-wear martyrdom. Then there are my show clothes, which are even easier to put together: black on black on black.  Done.

As monotonous as that might sound, it is comforting.  If you’re in a different place every day, I guess it helps if you’re the same.  Is it so wrong to want that Friday meatloaf everyday? – Andy




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