This Is Happening

15 03 2012

Through an amazing set of circumstances, we were asked last night if we could fill in for the Ting Tings this afternoon, at a GoogleMusic/YouTube party on top of a parking garage in downtown Austin.  We were happy to oblige, but it really got nutty when they sent us the  production advance info and we saw that we’re playing directly before GOSSIP, and there are a bunch of great bands playing before us (Best Coast, Frankie Rose, Cults).  You can’t plan these things, you just be ready when they happen.

Had the incredible pleasure of seeing GOSSIP in Adelaide, Australia in February 2010.  I was there on my honeymoon (two weeks Down Under is a great way to combat Chicago winter).  “Heavy Cross” was on Top 40 radio over there and they played the Thebarton Theatre to a packed house.  Beth Ditto was truly a force of nature, with charming and heartfelt banter between all the songs.  At one point, someone in the audience handed her a Golden Gay Time ice cream bar (“it’s so good, the name’s not a problem,” as my friends put it) and she kindly thanked them but declined because of her dairy-free diet.  (who the hell sneaks an ice cream bar into a sweaty rock show?).  For the encore, she announced they were going to play “the most queer-positive song to ever break through into the mainstream”, then lead the audience in a singalong of Queen’s “We Are the Champions”, while walking through the crowd and hugging fans.  She walked all the way to the back and climbed up in the balcony, stopping in the row in front of us while she sang.

Beth Ditto @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, Austrlia

It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and she had an amazing rapport with the audience.
This live performance of “Standing In the Way of Control” is a pretty good example of why we’re excited.

and they’re one of the rare bands that signed to a major label and synthed up their sound and were still worth listening to. – BT




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15 03 2012


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