Time for Livin’

10 07 2012

Poster by Scott Williams, http://scottwilliamsdesign.com/

As previously mentioned, we’re huge Beastie Boys fans and greatly saddened by the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch, so I helped organize a a big Chicago all-star tribute at Lincoln Hall on July 2.

It started with a similar idea to the Mardi Gras Meters tributes my friend James Johnston used to throw at Schubas, where a bunch of folks got together to play Meters songs and donated the proceeds to Hurricane Katrina relief (JCBUS did one of these real early in our career, playing two Lee Dorsey songs where the Meters were the studio band.  Pretty sure it was the first time we played live with horns or keys)

James and I started brainstorming the weekend after Yauch passed and it quickly spiraled into something far beyond our expectations.  Last Monday we had over 60 artists presenting at least 30 songs from all over the Beasties map.  Bands, MC’s, DJ’s, you can see the complete list at the bottom, and we were extremely fortunate people documented most of the evening, there’s a ton of videos courtesy of Chicago Hustles and Zoonotic, and Matt Conzen took some great photos.

It was an amazing night, about 500 people came out and stayed for 3 solid hours of music (on a Monday night!).  There was a guy dressed up as Yauch alter-ego Nathanial Hornblower (speaking of, while Googling for that link, found this letter from Hornblower to the NYT).  Scott Williams designed and Delicious Design League printed an amazing silk-screen poster for the event, which we quickly sold out of, and with all proceeds for the evening totaled up, we raised over $3k for Students for a Free Tibet.  It was pretty  mind-blowing, an even wilder endeavor than pulling off the original Eccentric Soul Revue, and the best part was how smoothly it ran, and I was actually able to catch large chunks of the show, rather than running around trying to keep it from going off the rails.

There were many many great performances that night, but these are some of my personal highlights:

Akasha kicked off the night with a hella strong 5 song set

JCBUS fuzzing out on “Gratitude” with David Keller helping out on guitar

As happy as I was to play “Gratitude”, James and Dance Floor Plans took the fuzz up a notch with “Sabotage”, featuring Kyle on bass

Threw Greenweedz, Cosmos, Danny Dan together with the Lowdown Brass Band and watched what happened

Got to play a few caveman grooves with my Beat Down Sound compatriot Scott Craggs on drums

Thanks to DJRC, we had BB videos running on the projector the whole time and it was fun to watch how things synced up with the live music, check out the dog’s ears @ 2:47

And in the same way JCBUS flipped the script at the Meters show by playing some Lee Dorsey tunes, I got together with Marvin Tate, Jovia, and Anthony & Luke from the Drastics to play a few jams that the Beastie Boys sampled on “Jimmy James”

And finally, to close out the night, we nicked the all-in finale from the Dawson City Music Festival, and brought everybody out for “Fight for Your Right to Party”

there are literally dozens of videos posted from Lincoln Hall, take some time to peruse them all and take a moment to celebrate the amazing life of Adam Yauch.  Namaste – BT

MCA, photo courtesy of http://www.rockhall.com

The complete set with performers:

  1. Sample Source intro set – DJRC
  2. Biz vs the Nuge – Akasha
  3. Time for Livin’ – Akasha
  4. She’s Crafty – Akasha w/ MCs: Cosmos, Greenweedz, Dan Fernandez
  5. Girls – Akasha
  6. Eugene’s Lament – Akasha w/ David Keller (cello)
  7. TRANSITION: DJ Intel breaks
  8. Song for the Man – The Right Now
  9. Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win – The Right Now w/ Rita J + Intel
  10. TRANSITION: DJ Intel breaks
  11. I Don’t Know – Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
  12. Chi-Boy Caldeirada
    1. Intro Cuts – Jesse de la Pena
    2. New Style – Jesse , Dirty MF, MCB, Mr. D
    3. Beat Box: Solo – His Boy Elroy
    4. Beat Box: Shake Your Rump – Elroy, Dirty, MCB, Mr. D
    5. Beat Box/Track: Shake Your Rump – Jesse, Elroy, Dirty, MCB, Mr. D
    6. AWOL – Jesse, Dirty, MCB, Mr. D
    7. Moment of silence/Moment of noise
    8. Run DMC/Beats to the Rhyme break:Triple Trouble Lyrics/Freestyle – Jesse, Dirty, MCB, Mr. D, ShowYouSuck
  13. No Sleep Til Brooklyn – BT/David Keller/Scott Craggs, MC: Dirty, MCB, Mr. D, J-Typical
  14. Gratitude – JCBUS w/ David Keller
  15. Rhymin & Stealin’ – BT/Kellver/Craggs, MC: J-Typical, MCB
  16. TRANSITION: Therm One breaks
  17. Intergalactic – Therm / Abstract Giants
  18. So Whatcha Want – Therm / Abstract Giants
  19. Funky Boss – Bumpus w/ Therm
  20. Pass the Mic – ShowYouSuck, MCB, Dirty MF, J-Typical
  21. In 3’s – Bumpus
  22. Groove Holmes / Free Style – Bumpus w/ Elroy
  23. TRANSITION: Impala DJ’s
  24. Posse In Effect – Imapala DJ’s w/ Cosmos, Greenweedz, Dan Fernandez
  25. Paul Revere – Imapala DJ’s w/ Cosmos, Greenweedz, Dan Fernandez
  26. Slow Ride > Brass Monkey – Lowdown Brass w/ Cosmos, Greenweedz, Dan Fernandez
  27. TRANSITION: horns & percussion DUB
  28. Root Down Reggae – Drastics w/ Rita J, Dirty
  29. TRANSITION: drums/guitar DUB
  30. Happy Birthday/Chief Kamanawanlea – Marvin Tate w/ BT Jovia Luke Anthony
  31. Sure Shot (Freestyle) – Dance Floor Plans
  32. Triple Trouble – Dance Floor Plans / Intel / Abstract Giants
  33. Sabotage – Dance Floor Plans / Intel
  34. Fight For Your RIght To Party – ALL



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