Hunkering Down

9 10 2012

The Shady Bunch, Asbury Park, NJ, 08/16/12

It’s been a quiet few weeks since we wrapped up the “Want More” tour, we’ve been holed up at Uptown HQ, working on songs for the next record.  You’ve probably heard a few new cuts in the last few months, like “River” and “You’re Not Alone”

but now we’ve got a whole slew of stuff that really pushes things forward, a little darker, a little dancier, just further distilling what the sound of Uptown is in 2013.  We’ll be trying some things out live over the next two weeks, and then heading up to Montreal to record before the end of the year.  Come out and take a listen:

Can’t wait to return to the East Coast, where we’ll again be joined by Jeff Galusha the Legendary Tambo Man (as seen up top in the bottom row of our photo booth portrait from Asbury Lanes).  And in case you missed it, here’s our entire set from KEXP’s Music Lounge:




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