Year of the Dragon: 12 Months on the Road

29 10 2012

Lollapalooza 2012

When we released “Want More” and hit the road to tour around it beginning last October, I never would’ve guessed I’d just be getting home now, a year later.  After roughly 25 legs of touring, we’ve been to the South, the East, the West, the Midwest, we played Lollapalooza, Bumpershoot, 3 stints in Las Vegas, Canada, there was even a few weeks in Spain and Italy leading up to the release (if I can remember that far back).  We’ve slept in vans, luxury hotels, fleabag motels, on floors, and off couches.

We’ve met fans, other bands, Rock’n’Roll luminaries, legends, and losers; we’ve gotten good press, bad press, lovers, haters, cops, vegan strippers, and everyone in between.  It’s been a pleasure and a rush and it has been exhaustingly exhilarating.

More than any favorite moments of our year on the road, what sticks with me is what I learned.  Being so readily far from home teaches you what’s important to you and moreover, what’s the least you need to stay sane.

Kevolution, Philadelphia, August 2012

There are very  few people on this planet who don’t love music in one form or another.  In fact, I think you’d have to be deaf or a general asshole to profess anything less.  But to put your life, friends, and other career(s) on hold to tour, you can’t just love music, you have to be absolutely utterly obsessed with it. 

BT @ 29 Palms Oasis, CA

To sit in a van all day, only to carry heavy black boxes up and down stairs just for the chance to play for 75 minutes a night, that’s near insanity.  But as I’ve said, you learn what’s important to you.  And not that there was ever any question, but music remains wildly important to us.

The 6th set of hands on the wheel, Mr. Jeff Galusha, the legendary Tambo Man

So to everybody we met, and every band out there on the road sleeping on the floor right now, we salute you. Thanks for a great year.  And many more to come.  For now, however, it’s good to be home. – Billy




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