End of the Year/World

26 11 2012

photo by LessThan3Pi

It’s already late November and the band leaves for Montreal this Friday.  We toured pretty steadily from March through October, and we’ve now been home for a solid month, working on new material, and successfully blew out the Metro the night before Thanksgiving (still waiting for some pics and video to post, JC did a bang up job on the backdrop projections).

Yeah, we said we’re leaving for Montreal.  We’re heading up to the Mile End neighborhood for two weeks of recording with producer Howard Bilerman.  For those of you who missed last week’s show, we’ve got a ton of new tunes, we’re really excited to keep pushing forward, new sounds, new rhythms, new electronic gonkulation machines, the Electric Handclap era is in full swing.

We’ve got a few more shows before we close out 2012 with a New Year’s show at the esteemed Mayne Stage here in Chicago; it’ll be our first time playing there, but had the extreme pleasure of seeing the Green Room Rockers and our pal Anthony Abbinanti backing up rocksteady legend Pat Kelly there a few weeks ago, it’s a great room.

The end of the year run starts with this Friday’s show in Toronto (our 3rd visit in the last year), so mark your calendar and tell your friends to get on it, these shows are gonna be wild and then we’re gonna quiet down for a bit in early 2013.

and for those of you paying attention, this will be our unprecedented 12th trip to St Louis, 5th time at Broadway, and our 2nd show there with the mesmerizing Bailiff.

2012 is rapidly drawing to a close and I’m pretty glad that 12/21/12 Mayan Calendar hype subsided.  I certainly wouldn’t mind more radio DJ’s playing “End of the World as We Know It”, but at the end of the day, Sun Ra wins with”After the End of the World”.




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