Motor City Booty Affair

29 11 2012

It’s finally here!  The band leaves tomorrow morning for 2 weeks of recording in Montreal, and since Toronto is on the way to the City of Saints, we figured we’d stop by and play our 3rd show there in the last year (before last December, the only shows we’d played in Canada were part of the Dawson City Music Fest back in 2010).

Fri November 30: Toronto, ON @ Silver Dollar Room

Still working with our friends at Collective Concerts, who were nice enough to host us both times at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, this time we’ll be playing the Silver Dollar Room with the always mesmerizing Bailiff and Vaness aLegacy.

Interested in coming to the show?  We’ve got a pair of tix for whomever can email us (the address is at the top of the page) and tell us either their favorite Toronto band that isn’t Rush OR your most exciting story of passing through Detroit on your way to/from TO.

Clock is ticking, see y’all tomorrow night.




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