Milwaukee: Most Underrated Town in the Midwest?

18 02 2013
Poster by Kristopher Pollard,

Poster by Kristopher Pollard,

Warmed up for the Spring Tour with a pair of gigs in the freezing Wisconsin winter.  But this is not me complaining; in fact, we love the Badger State.

We started up the weekend by playing the luxurious Majestic Theater in Madison on Friday.  The last time I remember being there personally, we opened for Peter Bjorn & John at an outdoor show and Andy and I came into the Majestic for some sort of Michael Jackson dance party. It was sweltering hot and at that point in the evening, our Uptown Sound uniforms had been deconstructed to a pair matching black tank tops.

It’s a tough sell trying to meet girls in tandem while you’re dressed like you’re on a gay wrestling team for guys under 5’10.  That’s what I learned at the Majestic last time.  This time I learned that Madison knows how to bring it dance-wise.  Amazing crowd.  We played on a double bill with the prime-time Prince/Shuggie/Sly funk of Pimps of Joytime, so those kids danced for 3 hours straight.

On the way in to Milwaukee we stopped in Bay View.  One of the thriving underground neighborhoods of hip shit in the Midwest.  I cannot recommend Acme Records and The Brass Rooster hat shop enough.  As it turns out, the Rooster’s owner is a JCBUS fan and invited us to come by and hang out. Pictures from our impromptu photo shoot should be up shortly.

Biggest plus about Milwaukee was a completely sold out show at the equally hip Hotel Foster.  Folks who’d driven from all over Chicago, Eau Claire, Davenport, made our first headlining show* in Milwaukee a classic. There was a ton of love in the room.

Plenty of Wisconsinites hate Chicago.  But no Chicagoans hate Wisconsin.  You get what I’m sayin’ here?  Let’s build this state up!  Alpine Valley 2014! – Billy B

* We’ve previously played MKE opening for Kings Go Forth, JJ Grey & Mofro, Flogging Molly, and Maroon 5.  Yup, that Maroon 5.  God bless Summerfest.




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