Howl. Is. Here.

23 05 2013
photo by Chris Rejano

photo by Chris Rejano

JCBUS keyboardist Andy Rosenstein reflects on the lead-up to this week’s release of our 3rd album “Howl” (out now on Bloodshot Records):

By the time I joined the Uptown Sound as a full member in the spring of 2011, they’d just finished recording their second album “Want More”. I’d been gigging with them as a sideman on and off since late 2009.

By the time the group got to thinking seriously about our third record in the fall of 2012, we’d been touring pretty heavily on “Want More” for over a year.

By the time we got up to Montreal to record what became “Howl”, we’d been touring and writing for few months, and had begun performing a few of the new songs live.

And from the time we finished recording “Howl” to its release this week, we’d been sitting on it for another four months.

So to say that I’ve been waiting for this week is a pretty serious understatement.

There’s a saying in music that you can’t pick your audience, and that you’re lucky to have one at all.  I think for obsessive or meticulous creative people, it actually goes further than that: you can’t choose what people might appreciate in your work, or how they will interpret your work, or what they might seriously hate about your work.  All you can do is create it and hope that it gets noticed, that it moves people, and that maybe some of them receive what you intended to put out there.

photo by Bill Guerrerio

Revered guitarist, philosopher, and noted wolf expert Billy Bungeroth has told me that in the animal world a howl is essentially a way for a canine to show others that it exists, that it’s out there.

Whether that call brings back love, or a threat, or just disappears into the ether is up to whoever is listening.




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