Europe: part V

30 06 2014

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

After a quiet winter and spring, and a few warm up shows to get things rolling again, the Uptown Machine is ready to roll and we’re going big for Summer.  DoDivision and the Double Door were tons of fun, and now it’s time to get on a plane and show Europe what’s up.  JCBUS will be playing the Cognac Blues Passions Festival on July 4th, then making a quick run into Holland for our Dutch premiere at Conincx Pop Fest in Elsloo, NL.

For those keeping tabs at home, here’s our international touring check-off list; 8 down, only 187 more countries to go!

  1. USA – 08/07/07
  2. Canada – 07/16/10
  3. Spain – 09/16/10
  4. Italy – 10/04/11
  5. France – 05/02/13
  6. England – 10/17/13
  7. Belgium – 10/19/13
  8. Netherlands – 07/05/14



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