Rouse Yourself Baby

27 06 2013

Just in case you hadn’t heard the news already, via innumerable sources, the video for “Rouse Yourself” is done, and you can watch it here.

Thanks to everyone who donated to via PledgeMusic to help us make it, and big shout outs to Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza for taking time to star in it.

Now back to the tour:

June 28 – Ann Arbor, MI (Ann Arbor Summer Festival)
June 29 – Indianapolis, IN (Northside Opti Park)
June 30 – Milwaukee, WI (Summerfest)
July 4 – Louisville, KY (Waterfront Park)
July 6 – Iowa City, IA (Firecracker 500 Fest)
July 11 – Grand Rapids, MI (Pyramid Scheme)
July 12 – Toronto, ON (Legendary Horseshoe Tavern)
July 13 – Rochester, NY (Big Rib Fest)
July 20 – Chicago, IL (Sheffield Gardenwalk)
Aug 9 – St. Louis, MO (Off Broadway)
Aug 10 – Dixon, IL (Blues Brews BBQ Fest)
Aug 11 – Appleton, WI (Mile of Music Fest)
Aug 14 – Seattle, WA (The Triple Door)
Aug 15 – Portland, OR (Lola’s)
Aug 21 – Philadelphia, PA (Morgan’s Pier)
Oct 6 – Austin, TX (Austin City Limits Music Fest)
Oct 13 – Austin, TX (Austin City Limits Music Fest)
Oct 17-26 – UK/France/Belgium/Spain

Howl. Is. Here.

23 05 2013
photo by Chris Rejano

photo by Chris Rejano

JCBUS keyboardist Andy Rosenstein reflects on the lead-up to this week’s release of our 3rd album “Howl” (out now on Bloodshot Records):

By the time I joined the Uptown Sound as a full member in the spring of 2011, they’d just finished recording their second album “Want More”. I’d been gigging with them as a sideman on and off since late 2009.

By the time the group got to thinking seriously about our third record in the fall of 2012, we’d been touring pretty heavily on “Want More” for over a year.

By the time we got up to Montreal to record what became “Howl”, we’d been touring and writing for few months, and had begun performing a few of the new songs live.

And from the time we finished recording “Howl” to its release this week, we’d been sitting on it for another four months.

So to say that I’ve been waiting for this week is a pretty serious understatement.

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On Your Marks…

13 05 2013
BT in action, photo by Kev

BT in action, photo by Kev

THIS JUST IN: Paste Magazine is streaming HOWL in it’s entirety!

At long last, it’s time to start touring again.  SXSW, Colorado, New England, those were all wonderful little warm-ups for the HOWL tour, which starts Tuesday night in Rochester, NY.  We wind our way back to Chicago just in time for the release of the new record (out May 21 on Bloodshot Records, for those who haven’t been paying attention), and then things really get crazy.  California, East Coast, Firefly, Midwest, celebrations of Independence, festivals, ribs, summertime, fireworks, and an inevitable return to Europe.

cover shot by Clayton Hauck

cover shot by Clayton Hauck

Who You Telling Lies To?

24 04 2013

We’ve got a new video teaser for “Howl” while we work on the “Rouse Yourself” video.

Feast your eyes on “Ordinary”, starring Traeveon Howard, with a guest appearance by 2012 Air Guitar World Champion, Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard

Excited yet?

But seriously, we still totally need your help making the “Rouse Yourself” video.
Pretty please?

We Need Your Help to Make a Video

15 04 2013
We’re really excited about the new album, Howl (out May 21 on Bloodshot Records). To get it out to the world, we’ve concocted an awesome music video for “Rouse Yourself”, the first single, to give the album some exposure and get the JCBUS message out to the people.  Please take a minute to watch our Pledge video, and if you’re able to – help support the band to make this video.  Let’s make 2013 OUR year.  Post-punk soul fans unite!

The video will be shot in Los Angeles on April 27th, and in Chicago around May 7th.  The video will feature JC and the band with a surprise LA celebrity guest, triggering a stunning turn of events.

We need to shoot the video in Los Angeles and Chicago to accommodate our celebrity guests who are donating their time to be in the video. The shoot, editing, and locations require funds that we don’t have at the moment, so we’re offering up some very nice pledge treats for those who contribute!

Thanks y’all!

Day by Day – #PurpleWednesday

3 04 2013

Back when BT had a day job and time to kill, he’d go on YouTube/Twitter jags…..

After reading the 50th issue of Wax Poetics, I was all hopped up on TACKAP so I started posting some of my fave clips and tagging it #PurpleWednesday, but no one ever pointed out that it was actually Tuesday.  But hey, Skipper is just that FAR AHEAD of the rest of us.

When I Come Home (Live in Paris) – Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings w/ Prince

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SXSW 2013: The Verdict Is In

29 03 2013


Before I begin, here’s a quick anecdote about bull fighting. If you ever go to a bull fight, you should know in advance that they kill the bull.  They drug it and then slowly kill it dead in the center of the ring.  So if you choose to go to a bull fight, I suggest you come to terms with and accept this grisly truth in advance.  If you can’t do that, then don’t bother going.

If you plan on going to SXSW, you need to accept that you will be dragging your equipment and wares through crowded streets of sweaty people, that you will have your first drink around 11am everyday (at least if you consider yourself only a moderate drinker), that every corporation or trust fund BKLYN hipster either A) wants you at to attend their party/concert/orgy to enjoy their product, or B) does not want you at their party/concert/orgy because the guest list is full and you are not a taste-maker and Kendrick Lamar is going on late anyway and by the way, have you tried Honest Tea or POP CHIPS, they’re sensational they’re changing America as we speak, we’ll give you two if you download the app and like us on Pinterest.

That’s the deal.  So own it.  And accept it.

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