Andy’s Best of 2011

30 12 2011

All of this is just my opinion, I’m not speaking for the group in any way. Hell, I’ve probably forgotten enough of the stuff that I liked in January through May of this year that I’m not even accurately speaking for me. – Andy

our hero, backstage in Santiago de Compostela

So here are the best things I can remember from the last year:

Best JCBUS Headlining Show of 2011: Hell Dorado, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

It was my first time there, but the rest of the band had stopped by on the last tour of Spain. Hell Dorado is a cool room with a great mural.

now imagine this 10' high and 60' wide

After soundcheck, the owner took us all out for a kickass dinner. When we got back, the venue was packed with a crowd who was ready to dance, sing, and sweat. There’s video of our encore someplace. It was kind of ape-shit. At the merch table after the show, the autograph thing got pretty wild, too (in a PG way). Some girl asked us all to sign her shoes with sharpies. Then we boogied to the DJ with some local girls until the place closed. Bonus points to our road manager Danny for coming back and collecting Billy and me and taking us back to the hotel.

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