We Wanna Be Free To Do What We Wanna Do

30 09 2013

Since the band has been off the road for two weeks, and my wife it out of town for work, I’ve had the opportunity to catch up on some “Classic Albums” on Netflix, good music nerd shit that the missus always votes down when we actually time to watch anything.  Disraeli Gears, Aja, Graceland, Paranoid, 2112, The Band, all the classic rock faves are there, but I stumbled on the Primal Scream “Screamadelica” episode last night, and took a blissful trip back to 1990 and realized how much of an influence it had on me. – BT

While Screamadelica came out in 1991, WHFS has been spinning “Loaded” and “Come Together” the year before and I was instantly hooked.  Considering that I was speeding along on a steady diet of Fugazi and Jane’s Addiction in high school, it’s still a little mystifying why a bunch of sampler-wielding E’d out Glaswegians would grab me…

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