The Usual Suspects

The Uptown Sound
JC Brooks (lead vocals)
Billy Bungeroth (guitar, vocals)
Kevin Marks (drums, vocals)
Ben Taylor (bass)

The Rotation
Andy Rosenstein (keys, vocals)
Jovia Armstrong (percussion)
Jeremy Tromburg (keys, vocals)
Theodore Berry IV (bass, vocals)
Brian Citro (guitar)
Steve Gerlach (guitar)
Nate Lepine (tenor sax)
Jeff Lyman (guitar)
Gerald Bailey (trumpet)
Corbin Andrick (tenor sax)
Jeff Galusha (tambassador)
Chris Neal (tenor sax, keys)
Andrew Zelm (trombone)
Luke MacRoberts (guitar)
Anthony Abbinanti (bari sax, percussion)
Leni Glenn (bari sax)
David Brown (percussion)
Kyle Asche (guitar)
Ted Cho (guitar)

The Eccentric Soul Revue
Linda Ballentine
Pastor T.L. Barrett & choir
Sharon Clark
Bobby Cook
Miss Missy Dee & Reggie Reg
Renaldo Domino
Nate Evans
The Four Mints
Syl Johnson
The Kalidorns/Final Solution
The Notations
Velma Perkins

Alex Hall (keys)
Melissa Bach (cello)
Dan Bitney (percussion)
Steve Duncan (trombone)
Kevin Tague (trumpet)
Andra Kulans (violin)
Alex Mouroulis (bari sax)
Heather Perry (piano)
Bruce Rogers (guitar)
Vallea Woodbury (vocals)
Bethany Thomas (vocals)
Jared Tankel
(bari sax)


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